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Girls' Senior Photos

Senior girls! These sessions are so much fun! 

Girls' senior sessions come with a styling consultation with a stylist, semi-professional makeup, and a half day of photos where we explore what makes each girl unique. This sometimes means packing it up and heading to the coast, or NYC, or Baltimore, or their favorite campground. Sometimes that means playing basketball in a court that is all their own. Sometimes it means felt hats and lots of rings. Sometimes it's ball caps and ball games. But it's all about that little girl who is somehow becoming a woman, and embracing this momentous change and maturity. Let's get to it!


"So my son, who was more than sure he DID NOT want the fuss of senior photos, actually enjoyed his experience with Juliana. She has a great eye for where to do the shoot, and then settles in to the most natural way of interacting with her subject. The result are extremely high quality photos that capture the essence of the person. Highly recommend!"


Boys' Senior Photos


Senior boys' sessions are no-nonsense. I've done enough to realize that guys don't want a fuss, they want to take some pictures that their moms will like and then get on their way. So because of that, they last about an hour and a half, we go somewhere they love to be (yes, Taco Bell counts), and we get some of those smiles out of this kid who will somehow be college in no time. 

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