Zoe + Alyssa | funky couple's session in Harrisburg, PA

We met Zoe + Alyssa in 2020 while they were planning their little COVID wedding in Harrisburg, PA. During their wedding day, we basically decided we will never not be friends. Zoe + Alyssa are among the best of the best-- they adore each other, have a blast doing life together, and are adorable to boot. So every time they are in town, we do a little shootin', and this time we decided for some grungy-yet-approachable downtown fun vibes. I'm a big fan of interesting lighting situations, funky posing, and editorial styling. Add in a healthy dose of beer, popcorn tossing, and LOTS OF CARS, and you've got yourself a Zoe + Alyssa session.

Between a vintage Miata, a beat up Sprinter, the backseat of my Subaru, a gas station (inside and out!), and the neighbor's dead pickup truck sitting in a back alley, we made a lot of magic. We used harsh light, soft light, shade, shot through windows, danced in deserted streets, and balanced popcorn between our (well...their) noses.

People ask us all the time how we get to these types of photos. Partly it's coming from my wild brain, partly it comes from the couples' brains. I think for this one, we're all the same vibe; the same type of human being. Zoe + Alyssa embrace the weird, off-the-wall ideas that come out of my mind and they love it. Having mutual trust means making mutual weirdness photographable. For this session, I had a little hint of a location idea in mind (my parents' house in downtown Harrisburg, PA), plus the idea of shooting in a local, run down gas station has been on my mind for a while now. I've seen some really trendy photos taken in gas stations, but I knew I didn't want to just shoot an Instagramable session. I wanted to shoot something that, as always, reflects the couple I'm with, but also satisfies my artistic soul.

These are my favorite types of sessions. The ones where we explore together, collaborate together, and create art that is personal, relatable, and magical. One of my favorite things about Zoe + Alyssa is their ability to effortlessly fall into each other and blindly trust my chaotic visions. Knowing them the way I do now (we've done a handful of sessions and I mean it when I say that they have no choice but to have me tag along for all of their big moments), I feel like I am able to capture the essence of THEM while also feeling incredibly inspired by what I'm shooting.

Without further ado, Zoe + Alyssa in downtown Harrisburg, PA.

Shout out to Troegs for the Nugget Nectar, my dad for his plethora of cars, and the gas station owner who confusedly gave us permission to sit on the dirty floor of the snack aisle and throw popcorn at each other in the parking lot!


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