LGBTQIA Moody + Intimate Wedding Inspiration

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that smaller weddings and intimate weddings are actually pretty baller and less stress. COVID has been tough and most couples have had to adjust in some way or another to accommodate their wedding day happening, and with no clear light at the end of the tunnel, we figured we'd give you some EYE CANDY. Plus, with more and more weddings celebrating love in every form, we decided to put together some inspiration for your wedding: gay or straight, this moody, colorful, creative intimate wedding will get your gears going and your ideals flowing.

Tyler + Colin were married 5 years ago, but after their photographer had a day-of emergency, they ended up without any professional images. YA GIRL WOULD NOT LET THAT SLIDE. So we all began to plan an epic photo session that celebrated their love and their unique aesthetic, and wow...I can't wait to show you everything. Please check out the vendors who pulled together on this special day to write this love letter of a gallery to our incredible grooms.



rentals, tablescape + plates, all around MVP of what needed to get done: Gabriella @

cake + sweets:

invitations + calligraphy:


wax art:

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