Documentary-Style Family

Our family shoots aim to please and capture all the things you love about being a family: the nose kisses, the tiny hands, the sweet smiles, the giggling, tickling, the quiet moments. The goal is for your family's uniqueness and adoration to take center stage. 

These sessions take place in living rooms, sunset fields, and ice cream shops. While we do a few “wall photos “ (where we try to get everyone looking happy in a group kind of looking toward me hopefully), the majority of the session is capturing those moments that go too fast. You know the ones, cause once they’re gone, your kids are grown. Let’s make sure we have photos of those things, shall we?

We sometimes do holiday mini sessions. We sometimes don’t. It all depends on how the holiday is shaping up and how much time I need to make up to my personal family after the wedding season is over. If we do them, you’ll see the dates posted right below this paragraph.


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