So you saw us at the show, huh?



Booking with JBP…

…looks a lot like hanging out with your best friend all day. We drink a lot of coffee, plan out your day over texts, emails, and facetimes. I know all about your family drama before your wedding day is even close to being here. We probably will hang out as actual FRIENDS before your wedding day— which makes it all the more sweeter and WAY LESS AWKWARD when I start crying during your ceremony.

We build trust. I always strive to make the entire wedding planning process as painless as possible, and that starts with trust. I want you to feel at home in my studio, and I want you to feel at home on the other side of my lens. I have said this before and I’ll say it over and over and over again: there is nowhere else I’d rather be than with you on your wedding day.

Right here, right now— this is where you get the inside scoop on the booking process, and a bird’s eye view on what to expect. This is where you get alllllll of the info so you can make the best choice for YOU. You have to choose the best photographer for you, and that might not be me! You ran into me at a wedding show, and now you get to sit down and make a hard decision. If I can make it easier, that’s what I’m here for.


wedding day

What we do first

First, I get a proposal over for you through our client management system, Honeybook. During that time, we’re talking wedding details, photo + package wishlists, everything in between. All JBP wedding collections include a full-day second shooter, some sort of print, and a whole lot of fun. Possibly (definitely) dad jokes. After the proposal is JUST how you like it, you go ahead and sign the contract that is conveniently attached to the proposal, and pay a $500 deposit. This deposit is MOSTLY nonrefundable….I say mostly, because there are definitely times when it can be refunded. In the event that something on my end goes awry, you get a refund. This has never happened before, KNOCK ON FREAKING WOOD. In the event that there is a death in your immediate family or the bride or the groom is called for military duty, refunds are absolutely given. In very few cases of break-up are refunds given, so ya’ll have to stay together, ya hear?!

what we do next

After your proposal details are hashed out, we schedule your engagement session! I like to do something out of the box with my couples, simply because it’s just a really great way to get to know people. We go places, we see things. We drink drinks together that have alcohol in them, GASP. We get to know each other so that when that wedding day hits, we’re all on the same page. I want you to know what to expect from me, and for me to know that stressed face that tells me that its time for another glass of stress-wine on your wedding day.

All engagement sessions are complimentary to JBP wedding collections. It’s non-negotiable to do one. We have to. WE HAVE TO.