Hey, i’m jules

 I think I’m supposed to put something about how much I love photography right about here. And don’t get me wrong— I do LOVE photography. I really love photography. Why else would I spend every weekend with anxious brides, shaking hands, and huge life choices? Oh right. Cause the majority of the day is precious love being shared, tiny glances, soft kisses, and a group of humans so full of joy that we’re all bursting at the seams.

But like, there are some other things I really love too.

Here is an itemized list in no particular order except for Taylor Swift because she’s always numero uno.

  • Taylor Swift. (I told you)

  • Harry Potter

  • a fresh margarita with salt on the rim

  • cheese fries. specifically Mount Joy Diner cheese fries.

  • crisp fall days when the sky is so blue it feels like you can touch it

  • Chef. The movie. its so GOOD.

  • Oh gosh, Star Trek! I almost forgot!

I guess all I can say is this: if you want to get to know me for real, book a session and let's be best friends. It's the only way I know how to be.